glossary of terms


the company cosmos and playground for smart creatives


the six girls who make up the core team 


a collective of over 120 female smart creatives

Kaddie and Helena Rothe, founders and sisters

goalgirls and the co-rebelles were founded by

the powersisters Helena and Kaddie Rothe, who have very little in common except for their unapologetic drive and trust in their shared vision. they are inseparable as a founder duo, balancing disruptive ideas and strategic execution, bold moves and risk management - and social impact with profit. Kaddie is CEO and creative directress of the company, Helena is Head of Operations and CFO - both relentlessly work

on making each others's dreams come true.

campaigns and projects like movements for

a woke generation

we are a creative agency and so much more than that. we are a collective of female smart creatives out to co-create the future. 

goalgirls was founded in 2017

'goalgirls' is an avant-garde creative agency,

a female-only team and the pledge to always make noise on behalf of women. no more sexist marketing, no more pale-male-stale hierarchies in the industry. they are specialised in social media marketing, digital campaigns, brand building and activism for a conscious generation. their project portfolio includes progressive brands such as armedangels, bumble, casper, netflix and mymuesli. by tapping into today’s social currents, they create campaigns like movements for a woke generation.


then there are bigger dreams and visions - but not enough space. and not enough womanpower. that's why goalgirls have founded the co-creagency GmbH. 


the original team of goalgirls are acting as a core team

and creative directresses to the whole company.


co-creagency was founded in 2019

the co-creagency is what they call their company cosmos. an elevator pitch for it has less to do with a fancy start up idea than with a pledge for a system change. the company is a playground for smart creatives (male and female) that are driven by passion and an urge to co-create the future. 'we are one and a whole. we strive for personal progress, are one big future force gang. we take ownership of the projects we run and passions we have', says Kaddie Rothe, 'we have invented new ways of working in an agile structure similar to the system of 'holacracy'. the co-creagency is a whole cosmos of revolutionary ideas, initiatives and experiments -  such as 99 pitches, musequality and GG products.


co-rebelles was founded in 2019

the co-rebelles are a community of 120 female smart creatives that work and collaborate on creative projects and marketing campaigns. they are the army behind the goalgirls team. co-rebelles are the female force of the


a creative collective of empowered freelancers running ideation sprints, workshops and focus groups as well as an army of creative leads to run their own projects in collaboration with brands. ‘we’re inventing the future of the creative industry and we’re innovating for social impact. side products are the CC credit system and the platform

we create for freelancers.’, says Kaddie Rothe, co-founder.

'we are an agency built with the sassy spirit of a 90s girlband. we're brand ambassadors, inventors, creators, producers, writers, activists and most importantly: the female creative force.'

But can we run unisex campaigns too? yes, and we wonder why male dominated creative agencies in the past haven't been asked the same question.


we pitch campaign concepts and take over the full production. our work is interdisciplinary - we cut films, do graphics, tell stories on social media and build installations. We're proof that girls can really do it all - try us!



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