wednesdays from 13:00 - 14:00

pasta bonding

network with the wfh community every wednesday over carbs prepared by your resident goalgirl chefs. bring something sweet if you can, even if it’s just your smile!


thursdays from 17:00 - 18:00

the social social distance club

off the laptop keyboards and into social mode: let’s get to know each other over drinks or tea on in our cosy lounge - on the house. mingle and network responsibly! 




thursday september 24th from 18:00 - 20:30

salon xx and beige | how to collect art without being a millionaire

this week, we're partnering with salon xx, together with beige, for a panel discussion chaired by art historian and cultural journalist julia meyer-brehm in conversation with johanna neuschäffer, co-founder of office impart, jonas kriszeleit, associate director of esther schipper and artist johanna dumet.

the panel discussion will cover topics and themes such as what kinds of art you can collect, how to start with a budget, where to look and how to make an art world that often seems exclusive, more accessible. you will hear insights and advice from experts who have worked in different sectors of the art world for years. After the conversation there is time to mingle, meet new or known faces and have a chat and a drink. 

to secure your place, please RSVP to: and then proceed to buy a day-pass or event ticket on our booking site.  


if you are a member of the WHF community, you can sign up to any of the events at the loft using our shared spreadsheet. you can purchase a day ticket and it will include access to the event on the day of your booking. 

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