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allbirds x ecosia - treevolution

june 2022 concept, creative direction and production

together with ecosia and allbirds we called berlin to kick off a #treevolution - it’s a match made in heaven, rooted in awareness. it’s two of our favourite companies joining forces to share their knowledge about trees and how they contribute to a healthier urban habitat (and to create sustainable materials in fashion). to bring this vision to life we have spent three weeks designing and conceptualising an installation that will bring this simple vision to life: we need to plant and protect trees. so we wanted to help people take individual steps towards a #treevolution. and the best thing: we were loud and bold with this campaign - BUT we also treaded lightly on this planet.

the whole installation was be made from recycled, carefully sourced materials - constructed by @drillerqueens - an inclusive platform, championing diversity, and shining a light on women*, trans, and non-binary craftspeople.

every part of the installation was built to be dismantled by the visitors - that means people could take a little piece of it home with them. that’s why we collaborated with artist @helloevi who turned its non-living (recycled) parts into little pieces of art.

the living parts of this installation, the trees and plant walls, were collected around berlin. we went on a plant-saving trip and made sure that every living part will be replanted and can continue to contribute to a greener city.

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