• Hugs&Kisses Charity Tee by Mirjam Grupp

    Let our smiles be our hugs

    And our eyes kiss... until we can get physical again.



    In the second week of March 2020, week one of Corona hitting Berlin, a friend and I were standing in front of each other, we had both been freezing in the beginning of a hug, no longer sure if we should or could do so. We kind of air-hugged each other and smiled. It was sunny and warm, and my cardigan was open. Later, on the bike, I thought: my smile is now my hug – and this should be on a tee.

    Whenever you want to hug someone, you just open your cardigan and your arms and they’ll see.


    The spring in Berlin is early and beautiful. All the trees are blooming, we have a lot of sun. I had been looking forward to this time of the year, when after the winter everyone is leaving their homes, sitting outside in cafés – friendly and open. I was also looking forward to meet and kiss a wonderful man.


    Let our hugs be in our smiles

    And the kisses in our eyes.

    And let’s let them remain


    when we can get physical again.




    100% of the profit of this shirt goes to https://www.kinderprojekt-arche.de

    Arche helps to feed kids in Germany whose parents can’t afford to do so properly.

    Since all of Arche’s locations are closed, they are installing a delivery system to continue the support of the kids.




    It is made of white organic cotton - with a bright blue velvety flock print. All girls on the pictures are wearing size M.



    Short Bio

    Mirjam Grupp is a writer. She is working on a book about Almost Love Stories and how we can turn them into true love stories with ourselves and our lives.

    As Mira Roth, she writes crime series, her episodes are love stories in disguise. She also loves to create things that you can touch and wear. In 2019 she presented her first collection of Wearable Poetry.


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    • Material

      flock print on organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard, Fair Wear, OCS blended, OCS 100, Oeko-Tex 100)

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