face mask | patriarchy stinks (voucher code: TAKE10OFF)
  • face mask | patriarchy stinks (voucher code: TAKE10OFF)

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    (we‘re so exhausted of all these #toxic and #viral apocalypses we have to defeat in 2020) 


    the masks are 100% cotton (jersey style) and are produced in Europe,we’re selling them at a price of 25 euros and will donate 10 euros to sea-watch.org #leavenoonebehind - we have stocked up on free masks for people in the risk group, get in touch! 


    IMPORTANT * face masks don’t protect you from the virus but they stop you from touching your mouth and nose (which is key besides regularly washing your hands)


    here‘s how you can say things without saying anything at all and stop #toxic from going viral • #goalgirls


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