We used to be the quirky little store with the blue wooden floor right on Berlin’s Torstrasse. Now we're an army of 120 goalgirls in Berlin Mitte's 'womb'. You will find our interdisciplinary team surrounded by pussy pendants, free tampon boxes, artwork and pink flowers.


We are an agency built with the sassy spirit of a 90s girlband. We're brand ambassadors, inventors, creators, producers, writers, activists and most importantly: empowering creatives.


Our product is a tailor-made brand campaign in the form of an experience or compelling brand story. Our target audience are digital natives and a new generation of creators and adventurers.


We pitch campaign concepts and take over the full production. Our work is interdisciplinary - we cut films, do graphics, tell stories on social media and build installations. We're proof that girls can really do it all - try us!

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We’re a generation of digital natives that invest in experiences over things. A generation that has a strong female voice and strives for equality, diversity and sustainability. Connectivity and consumption are redefined by new digital realms. So let’s take a look at the future of successful online marketing campaigns: we won’t see ‘sex sells’ or precisely targeted product ads. Instead we‘ll find engaging storytelling, adventures, possibly even sub-cultures created by brand communities.


If the consumer economy had a gender it would be female. Women are behind 70% of purchasing decisions. The creative industry behind the marketing of products, however, is dominated by men. This year’s Art Directors Club featured a conference of 23 speakers - only 3 of them were women.  That's why it's time for girl companies and girlgangs to create marketing campaigns that speak to them. We want to take over the means of production to create the products, campaigns and retail spaces that speak to us.


We want to replace sexism and materialism in advertising with engaging campaigns that deliver meaningful, tangible messages with social impact. We turn campaigns into movements. In collaboration with the brands we work with we want to address social issues through immersive experiences and storytelling.